We know that the best way to win your business is by genuinely striving to be the best company we can possibly be, in every conceivable way, with absolutely zero compromises. We see each customer as a unique opportunity to form a real, human connection, and the only way of achieving a human connection is by letting your own humanity shine through. This is why we infuse every step of our process with care and sincerity. Our ingredients are pure, ethically sourced, and, when possible, found locally to ensure a smaller carbon footprint. We handcraft all of our products in small batches to guarantee a high level of quality, and relentlessly test everything so that you can have the utmost assurance of that quality. Our people make us who we are, that’s why we offer full benefits to all employees, including paid time off with both paid maternity and paternity leave. We are always working to create an environment of acceptance, love, and empowerment, and support individuals and companies that share our vision.