Vena CBD

Created by Eddie & Tamra Judge, Vena Wellness was born from the passion to bring high quality CBD to everyone actively looking for a great way to improve their health. Suffering from a heart condition known as Atrial Fibrillation, Eddie and Tamra searched high and low for the best way to improve his health and find relief. VENA - derived from “Vena Cava” - pays homage to the two largest veins in the human body that carry blood to the heart. Inspired by these powerful vessels, and passionate in the pursuit of products that empower a healthier, happier lifestyle, VENA CBD was born.

Vena CBD has since grown from Eddie’s personal experience into a range of CBD products to accommodate each individuals lifestyle, through all walks of life. Whether you prefer CBD oil, gel capsule, or a topical application of CBD, we believe in attainable relief for everyone. Made from the bottom of our hearts, to yours.