CBD Honey - 250mg - My CBD Mall
CBD Honey - 250mg - My CBD Mall
CBD Honey - 250mg - My CBD Mall

CBD Honey - 250mg

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Our CBD infused Honey is quite the treat. We use only the freshest organic and non-gmo ingredients, and add quality CBD derived from hemp seed. We recommend adding our honey to a glass of hot tea or as a topping for fruit. However you take it, you’ll begin to feel the effects in minutes. Honey is known to help prevent heart disease, ulcers, and bacterial infections. It also helps soothe irritation in the throat. Combine this with our potent CBD isolate, and you’ll be a healthier, happier you.



Our new line of CBD infused food items work quickly to target specific areas of pain in the body. Each bottle contains 250mg of quality CBD, and can be used to target symptoms related to anxiety, stress, insomnia, seizures, and a wide host of other ailments. Best of all, the honey tastes delicious and is a great alternative to the more earthy, herbaceous taste of CBD oil isolates.

250mg of CBD 
12.5 oz. bottle 


Add at least 1tbsp to a glass of tea, a meal, or just consume directly. Add more as desired.